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a true missionary...

"A true missionary is not necessarily the one who goes to a foreign country; but is one who can never grow accustomed to the thud of Christ-less feet on the way to a lost eternity"

quote from our quiet time books. i really liked it a lot. did you know...i want to be a missionary really really bad!!!! we started our quiet time in 2 timothoy, its been really good for the past two day! today i was reminded to be a bold witness for Christ and do my best to lead others to Him. I love my God! He's so awesome! you know, its really amazing how much better life is when you stay faithful to God and read His word DAILY. you can keep from falling into temptation (if you put effort into doing so) because quiet time is a great reminder of what we need to do! i can't believe that in a little over a month it will be 4 years for me going to church. man, it feels like i've been there forever! i love it though, i'm really not looking forward to having to go to a different church when i get to college. i sure hope the preaching is good at pensacola! it was kinda watered down when i was there last time. but i guess thats what sermon tapes are for! God is so Awesome! well, i hope everyone has had a good day~i'm gonna go study!
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