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when the music fades
all is stripped away
and i simply come
loninging just to bring
something thats of worth
that will bless your heart
i'll bring you more than a song
for a song in itself
is not what you have requires
you've searched much deeper within
through the way things appear
your looking into my heart

i'm coming back to the heart of worship
its all about you
its all about You
all about You Jesus
i'm sorry Lord for the thing i've made it
when its all about You, all about You, Jesus

King of endless worth
no onecould express how much you deserve
though i'm weak and poor
all i have is Yours
every signle breath
*repeate chorus twice

you know, thats a really great chorus. the only one to ever make me cry. think about the words to it, it can change your life. we all need to get back to the heart of worship, realize that everything we do, is for the Glory of God, not self.
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