Jessica (xxhollowsoulxx) wrote in nerds4jesus,


I guess I might as well share my testimony. I have been going to church for almost a year. Ive been saved since I was 8, but I got into some pretty bad stuff, and ignored all godly things. I felt so empty even though i was happy. What my life needed, was a godly make over, if I should boldly call it that. My life has drastically changed, and Im still going through some changes, but I am so glad our God is a gracious, merciful, loving God! He really does work wonders in our lives, and it totally blows my mind how he can love us so much! Even me! I recommend that all of you read your Bible, and just meditate on how God has affected your lives. You would be surprised to see how many different ways you are blessed! Well, thats a very very brief testimony. PLEASE YOU OTHERS THAT I DO NOT KNOW.... SAY SOMETHING!! SPEAK UP!! I didnt make this thing to not be used! Ha... goodnight all!

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